1. Frederick McKinley Jones is the one who invented the very first refrigeration unit in 1938.
  2. A Reefer Freights can also transport Dairy products, Frozen products, transport flowers, seafood, baked goods, chocolates, meats, medical & healthcare supplies, beauty products and so much more.
  3. In the 1800’s , the cargo transporters used ice and salt to help keep the goods cool and chilled—Unfortunately, it didn’t help much.
  4. Using reefer freights to transport goods is better for the economy as less food is getting ruined—This means less loss for businesses and manufacturers.
  5. Did you know fine art can be considered as a perishable good, too? Yes, you heard it right. Items of fine art such as paintings also need to be transported in a temperature controlled environment to help them from being damaged !
  6. The Reefer Containers have a chamber which is loaded with solid carbon dioxide which is regulated by thermostatically controlled electric fans which can maintain temperature for up to 100 hours!
  7. To imagine life without refrigerated vehicles is like imagine life without ice creams, groceries, flowers, cold beer, frozen foods and frozen entrees. It has revolutionised the way humans buy and consume food. Refrigerated transport helps to transport food from Point A to Point B safely and efficiently. The market of this business continues to grow as popular as ever!