So how to choose the right refrigerated utes, refrigerated van or refrigerated trucks for your business? Well, with the help of SLR Rentals, we assure you make the correct decision confidently. Depending on the nature and type of business like:
Food Catering & Frozen Foods: Whether for hot or cold, catering business usually opts for dual temperature vehicle to transport a range of food products together.
Pharmaceutical & Healthcare: While transporting medicines, it’s important they’re stored hygienically at chilled cool temperature. If not taken care of, they’ll be unsafe to consume.
Thus, specific vans have single controlled capabilities. We help you explore the options depending on the type of industries.
Key Requirements for transporting Meat and Poultry products with Refrigerated Freight 
To promise a healthy fresh product, the time of transit from the producer to the consumer must be as short as possible. Packing the meat properly, keeping it in the right chilled temperature, then transporting on time to avoid any contamination and bacterial growth is important, too. As, meat is a perishable food products with a short shelf life, cold chain management in meat is of utmost important.

  • Before transit, poultry/frozen meat should be kept at temperatures below 4 degree C or 40 degree F.
  • There are 3 types of meats such as Fresh Meat Products, Processed Meat Products and Frozen Meat Products—The guidelines for all of them are different.
  • It should be checked and packaged for leakers and temperature before transit.
  • It should be stored in packages, boxes or crates when transported.
  • Limited Human contact with the food products.