Refrigerated Transportation is a shipping cargo/van with modern features and adjustment features. It was built mainly for climate-sensitive goods. It was first introduced in the 1800s, where the freight was loaded with ice and salt to maintain the quality of the food at a particular temperature. It didn’t give much success but definitely lead to a modern & efficient way to ship perishable goods—Isn’t that amazing?
Transporting Food Safely & Efficiently:  
Transporting food safely plays a very vital role so thus hiring a trusted partner during the transportation as it lets you save on logistics costs and increase profit. Ultimately, it should be an opportunity for you to expand your business. SLR Rentals believes in transporting products safely and to be delivered right on time.
Reasons Refrigerated Truck Rentals is a Must! 

  • You have Supervision & Control
  • Adjust temperature accordingly
  • Transporting different products is possible
  • Flexibility is in your hands
  • Work on your Schedule

SLR’s Guide:

Maintenance Tips for Refrigerated Trucks:
A shipping journey sometimes includes 12-15 hours of a long journey. If the vehicle fails or it has a breakdown, it might create a problem. Not every time, every issue can be ignored, so why not take the necessary precautions to keep the maintenance game strong?

  • Cleaning in regular intervals: Proper cleaning of the trailer before and after the shipment is a must to avoid any residual organic material. It’s a major step on which depends on the quality service and credibility of the company!
  • Keep your trailer “Consistently Cool”: It might look obvious but can’t be taken lightly at any cost. Uneven cooling might spoil the food products and cause leakage. So keeping it cool is the coolest thing to do!
  • Professional Servicing: Scheduling proper professional servicing might look like an expense initially but it will save a lot of dollars in the future. In regular intervals, servicing is a must.

Contact us to get the best deals, we at SLR Rentals take proper precautions and make sure that from the first step till the last step, the transportation process is followed properly!
Do’s and Don’t’s of Refrigerated Transport Service
Let’s assume you’ve a massive amount of frozen food to be transported. Everything is transported in the same ambience temperature compartment and reach the destination. You’re shocked to see all the food is contaminated, rotten and of no use!
Isn’t it the worst nightmare ?
Well, you’re in good luck- We’re here to provide you with all the details so lets get going!

  • The Do’s of Refrigerated Transport

Firstly, its utmost important to keep the frozen items at a constant temperature to prevent bacteria from growing and thus having fresh flavoursome and safe foods.
Secondly, avoid storing all you food stuff in one compartment, and get it transported as quickly as you can to prevent any sort of contamination.

  • The Don’t’s of Refrigerated Transport

One good rule of thumb is never to take the cleaning process lightly. Make sure cleaning of the doors, shelves, walls and the whole compartment where that could harbour harmful bacteria is done properly. Be cautious with the type of cleaner is being used, as some can leave the residue behind which an stick onto the food and can be dangerous to the customers. Regulating appropriate temperature as per the requirement of the foods is necessary, too.